Visual Diary 091914 ‘cebu…then’

Who among you here knows or familiar about the oldest city in PH? Well, according to our History Class, it is Cebu, which is very obvious because even wikipedia agrees. Lol

So, 091914 was so plain and basic since I had to man our booth in one of Cebu’s landmarks - The Fort San Pedro. Lay there in are some amazing spain-japan-colonization historical facts. So technically, it’s somewhat a museum. So there you go.

After I man the booth, I had the chance to roam the whole place. Such a stunning artifacts I was able to see.

To those of you who are from Cebu and even not from Cebu, try to visiy this place


I love the thought of playing with colors on colors and I mean, I think everyone does. It’s been a trend lately - people have been too risky to take this fad to a whole new level that they won’t mind if it’s too bright or what just as long as they feel comfortable wearing it. And I, too, want that kind of feels of wearing colorful-wears.

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Pain I endure you
Come with me
I’ll cherish you

With an open heart
I welcome you
With madness, sorrow

I’ll protect your skin
put your bones
to mine and say “Yes”

So kill me, i’ll die
Strangle, i’ll cry
Shoot me, i’ll thrive
Towards you, dear

So just comfort me by
Hurting all of me
Hurt me and hurt me
Then you can go, baby