Galliano x Maison Martin Margiela

It’s been 2 weeks or a month already (I think) since Maison Martin Margiela announced their Galliano collaboration. And I must say that having John as the newly appointed designer in the said maison will bring lots of epicness for his creativity is of total splendor not to mention that he is considered as ONE OF THE FEW AND BEST COUTURERS IN THE WORLD OF FASHION and his credentials do totally agree with that - from being the creative director for Givenchy and Christian Dior then to having his own label John Galliano.

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The Same Stars

Rain is pouring so hard, I can barely see
But there you are watching over me
I dont want this to end if this is your way
Cause I feel safe even by you staring at me

I know it sounds impossible to even say
That there are stars for such a day
And if there would be disbeliefs, baby
I dont care as long as you’re with me

I am guarded in this kind of night
Sure I am, sure I’ll always be
For I am in deep of your sight
I know im deeply loved by thee

I’d like you to know, the night may say goodbye
But always know you are remembered, truly
For you are one and only, always keeping me say
“We’re in one sky, lighting as one-same stars, honey”

You seem to have so many eyes
Your lights are protecting me
But whats with these shadows?
Are they others’, or are they you and me?

Well I just missed you now, it hurts so badly
But you being gone made me think of a way
That you’re safe now in His Hands, The Almighty
Now guiding me always and everyday


They say the best things in life are free
What about those clothes Marc Jacobs did for LV?
Saint Laurent may be
He’s been giving scarves lately.

You said, a woman like me isn’t cool
But no, come on! Not at all.
I have Carrera and Chanel sunnies
Look, I am fierce, what’s up y’all?

So you say I am not tall
Please take it back, honey
I have tons of pairs of Louboutins
What’s that again, baby?

Anyway, Im not sorry for bragging
Because this is the real world dear
If you have just asked me nicely
I would’ve answered you politely

Oops, I forgot about my lingerie
These are Rochas.
Whats yours?
What? No one? Lol

Fine Trouble

I think he likes you
I think he does
Look at those eyes
Like stars in the night

Your body attracts him
Your lips, his lips, both moving
Your hand fits his
Your whole seems his

I see body to body
You scream like a new
Controlled but vicious
Your heaven isn’t fresh

But I like you
I do. But you think of
him, you’re not supposed to.

Baby you like him
Bad that I thought there could be
no “two of you”.

But its okay
Ill stay and
stare at you
Will just pretend
Im fine, Baby


Remember my recent LOOKBOOK post Style Experiment? Well, I am sooo excited to share this yet again another style experiment.

I am keeping it casual down under pairing my favorite skinny jeans with my PAR EXCELLENCE (available in SM Department stores) polo and run-on shoes.

Though it’s too mainstream now of seeing people on the streets and Magazines wearing formal tops with jeans on and sneakers/run-on shoes, but dude, isn’t it cool? Anyway, I love the idea of wearing unusual combos on a lazy day (but not this. No. I guess wearing this combo wasn’t lazy at all since it took me a lifetime what to pair with my polo (lol).

Semi-casual Polo (PAR EXCELLENCE SM Dept Store), Run-on Shoes (New Balance Minimus Collection), Skinny Jeans (CARDS), Canvass Bag PVC Details (Marithé Francois Girbaud)

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